Life in Lewisville

 Living in a small town is great. But sometimes the businesses on Main Street might be looking shabby or what was once a vibrant town with lots of people has turned into almost a ghost town. That’s not the case in Lewisville, NC, one of the fastest growing communities in Forsyth County. It’s not a surprise that this town is booming. Organized back in the 1700s, Lewisville has been around a long time. But great foresight by the town managers led the community to embrace the growth it began to see in the 1990s and make plans to accommodate future growth, a vision that continues to stay strong today. 

 Lewisville was incorporated in 1991, and one reason for making the town official was to help it maintain its identity as the city of Winston-Salem continued to grow. Shortly after, Shallowford Square was built. This town square serves as a perfect gathering place for community events. It is the location for evening concerts in the summer, outdoor movies and family events such as a Halloween parade and Christmas tree lighting.

 A small community elementary school and a local branch of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County library also help Lewisville maintain a small-town atmosphere. 

 You, too, can take advantage of the small-town charm Lewsiville has to offer. Check out the listings below to find your perfect home, and rest assured that this community is well prepared for growth. In fact, they embrace it!


Town of Lewisville

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Lewisville Elementary School


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