Debbie Coley - REALTOR(R)


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7990 North Point Blvd Suite 212 Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Debbie Coley  - REALTOR® / Property Manager

Debbie Coley is a seasoned property manager and REALTOR® who understands the housing market as a fabric of communities and neighborhoods. With a nuanced eye for the potential of every property in the eyes of a renter, Debbie strategically works with owners to maximize property appeal with staging and welcoming connections to the neighborhood. She knows how to reduce client stress about moving and help them see the potential in a new home.

Debbie’s career began at UPS where she honed the best practices of client service, attention-to-detail and responsiveness. In 2004, she won Rookie of the Year when she transitioned her logistics experience to Virginia Beach Real Estate Sales and Property Management. In the last three years, Debbie has been an award-winning Property Manager for Asheboro Mill Lofts. Clients appreciate her ability to problem-solve and resolve concerns before they become issues.

As a licensed broker in NC, Debbie works with clients across the spectrum of property management, sales and purchase.